About Kate

Initially trained and attracted to the precision of the drawing board, I went on to explore the freedom of mark making and the use of the brush. My introduction to stained glass was purely by chance back in 1997 where I was heard to have said it was far too labour intensive to make it my living!

The more I worked with glass however, the more I realised that the accuracy and precision needed, fed the perfectionism within me whilst the process of creating and incorporating images on glass combined with the play of light and colour, satisfied my free flowing creative side.

On moving to Somerset in 2000, I began to study the basics of leaded stained glass alongside metal work and forging. In 2004 I furthered my glass studies at Bristol School of Art.

My studio practice was built slowly over a number of years while, as a single parent I juggled several jobs until finally I was able to focus entirely on my glasswork.

My studio is situated in the grounds of my home where I now live with my husband and smooth collie dog.

My work reflects my connection with the land, nature, wildlife and the West Country. I am on a journey of discovery. My current work focuses on capturing some of my favourite local landmarks and places around Somerset as well as local wildlife.

Firewolf Glass Kate Doig

I was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Somerset about my work. You can hear the interview below.

Firewolf Glass The Story

Why Firewolf Glass? – The story behind the name

I love the outdoors and for me, my perfect down time is walking in the woods amongst the sights, sounds and smells of nature. When I am home, I can often be found at the bottom of my garden, sitting around my fire pit, gazing deep into the flames.

It was on such an occasion one evening with a friend, back at the very conception of my business, that I experienced an event that had such a profound effect on me, both personally and in terms of my business journey.

I can often see fleeting images in the flames but this evening it was very different. As we both stared into the fire an image started to reveal itself. First the eyes, then the grey ash of the logs took on the form of the fur of the creature. White hot ‘teeth’ were clearly visible with red hot embers dripping from them. At first I thought it was a dog and commented to my friend about it but the closer we watched the more I realised that we had been honoured with the Spirit of the Wolf!  The hairs prickled on my neck and it was all I could do to stop my friend from racing off and leaving me.

It was such an incredibly powerful moment that I offered words of welcome and Wolf stayed with us for quite a while before slipping away back into his fiery woodland.

From that moment on there was only one name that my business could have and that was Firewolf Glass.

Now if you are wondering if I have ever been visited again by Wolf? Well … that would be telling!